The Lore of Pluto - Signed Copy

Signed copy of The Lore of Pluto, by Steve Judd.

Discovered in 1930, Pluto has always been the most enigmatic of astrological influences.  Its astrological meanings have been almost prised out of th Hadean depths, eventually leading astrologers worldwide into a greater undstanding of this most mysterious of planetary influences.

Originally published in 2014 before the New Horizons probe reached Pluto, this book has now been re-edited and updated to reflect a growing understanding of how the astronomy and astrology of the Pluto system influences us both personally and collectively, as we accelerate into an ever deeper understanding of the underlying psychological urges that both terrify and empower us.

Available worldwide through all good bookshops, or for a signed copy send £15 plus postage via Paypal to - tracked postage is £7 for the UK, £11 for Europe and £15 elsewhere.  Don't forget to put your address in the notes section.


This book is excellent. Steve Judd is a fantastic astrologer, you will not be disappointed.

- Adam

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