The Bedroom Astrologer (2023 version), by Steve Judd, is available through all good bookshops, or on Kindle. The ISBN is 978-1-80042-051-9. It is only available in paperback. Personally signed copies can be obtained directly through Steve or this website - email him at or else at .

A between the sheets users guide to the sexual preferences of each sign of the zodiac.

The Bedroom astrologer is in three sections.  The first relates to the twelve zodiac signs and their typical energies. 

The second section describes the influences and effects of Venus and Mars in the horoscope, and translates the influences they have on each other.

The third section shows the influences of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in our charts.  These planets how the un/subconscious sides of our nature, and the aspects they make to Venus and Mars can specifically relate to sensual and sexual attitudes, patterns, tastes, complexes and neuroses.

Available worldwide through all good bookshops, or for a signed copy send £15 plus postage via Paypal to - tracked postage is £7 for the UK, £11 for Europe and £15 elsewhere.  Don't forget to put your address in the notes section.


This book is about sex in its various different manifestations and about astrology at a number of different levels, and how they blend and interact - or not.

"Must Read, see yourself, understand yourself, learn about others and enjoy. Great book Steve. Looking forward to reading your next book."

- Paula

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